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Want to practice for tough games? Here's a link to Mike Baron's cheat sheet, hosted on, for a list of essential words you will need to know to be competitive.
Here's a plain score sheet (single sheet) you can use or a double sheet (2 on 1).

Our club ad flier, Oct. 2013

Zyzzyva, a word-judging program (which is kept up to date). Free. However, to get access to the latest club and tournament word list, you must be a member of NASPA.
The Internet Scrabble Club - download the free helper program WordBiz (for Windows, Mac or Linux) and play online! Ask the club members what their ISC ‘handles’ are.
Word Gear – a place to buy Scrabble® tiles and other gear.

The National Scrabble Association – For casual players. Find more words, locate the nearest casual club.
The North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA), which oversees tournament play. If you wish to play in NASPA-rated tournaments, you must be a member of NASPA.
The Last Word Newsletter, produced independently of any Scrabble-affiliated organization. Archives and current issue are available for download in PDF form.
Bluegrass Scrabble Club blog where club members post news and results., for tournament results and records of individual players.
Kanawha Valley Scrabble Club, (NASPA Club #620, Charleston WV) a sister club. We recommend you check out the Study page.

NEW WORD LISTS (OWL3) for 2014
The Seattle Scrabble Club has done a lot of work on transitioning to the OSPD5/OWL3 lists. Their OWL3 transition page has many links and lists. OWL3 will be used starting Dec. 1, 2014 and includes words up to 15 letters long.

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